Why Marketing is the "Queen" of Your Business

Business is a game of chess. "Marketing and branding (the queen) is the most powerful tool" in your business
- M.J. Demarco

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Full-Funnel Holistic Supremacy

The 90-Day Holistic eCom Accelerator System

We take a holistic, full-funnel approach to your eCommerce business, allowing us to maximize your conversion rate, average order value, customer lifetime value, and ultimately your ROI. We named this system the 90-Day Holistic eCom Accelerator system.

01. Target Audience + Offer

Knowing your target audience and crafting a no-brainer offer is 80% of the battle. We'll help you identify your target audience, craft no-brainer eCommerce offers and piece them both together.

02. Creative

We craft high-performing, ROI generating creatives that tell your brand's story and attract customers using data-driven strategies.

03. Traffic (Paid + Organic)

Your future customers spend a lot of time on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Google, and now TikTok. We figure out exactly where your customers hang out at and place your brand right in front of them using paid ads, your customers' favorite influencers, and organic posting.

04. Web Design + CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization)

You'll get access to professional inhouse web designers and funnel optimizers that will ensure your conversion rate skyrockets.

05. Email + SMS Marketing

Now that you have customers, it's time to increase their lifetime value. We nurture your current customers using our elite email + sms marketing sequences, generating you revenue on demand.

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Target Audience + Offer

Research is the most important part of growing your eCommerce brand to 7 and 8 figures beyond! Before we begin working together we'll help you figure out EXACTLY who your target audience is and exactly how to structure an Explosive eCommerce Offer!

Audience Research

We'll perform extensive audience research to determine what, when, how, where, and why your target audience breathes using our SOP documents.


We'll determine the exact languages your customer uses for future copywriting.

Explosive Offer Structuring

We'll help you craft an absolutely irresistible no-brainer offer for your target audience.



We specialize in creating high-quality, direct-response creative that communicates your unique selling proposition in an engaging, yet profitable way.

Post Production

We utilize and enhance your existing brand content with our in-house post-production process in order to maximize your profitability!

UGC Content

We craft perfect in-app, organic looking content to boost your engagement and increase your conversion rate.

Branded Design

We ensure brand cohesiveness across your channels to clearly communicate your vision.

Direct Response Copywriting

We write branded, direct-response copy because, believe it or not, copy matters. Copy is your virtual salesman and we hold it in high regard.


Once we find a winning creative, we double down and iterate on that creative until you generate more money than you know what to do with.


Web Design + CRO
(Conversion Rate Optimization)

We have a deep background in all things code and web design. In fact, some of us even have degrees in Computer Science. Web Design & CRO come so natural to us and we'll use our talents to ultra-optimize your funnel.

Landing Pages

We build optimized landing pages to maximize conversions and your profitability.

Web Design

Our custom website design match your marketing goals and tell your story, all while staying true to your brand.

Web Development

Our expert engineers we'll create and develop the optimal digital experience for you.

A/B Testing

We'll A/B test each and every element on your landing page or website to guarantee your profitability.


We’ll track web performance watch your traffic like an absolute hawk.

Funnel Building

We’ll help you craft the perfect sequentially streamlined sales funnel, leveraging the irresistible eCommerce offer we made with you.

Check out our amazing portfolio and happy clients down below

MoodMe Co

Start Up





Parent Paw Co



Jesi Creates



Spirit Numbers Co



Puff Queens NFT


Splash Page

Joey Still Films



Prx Clinical

Landing Page


Apologetic Letters




Email + SMS Marketing

We nurture your current customers using our elite email + sms marketing sequences, generating you revenue on demand.

Standard Flows

We'll create automated post purchase flows, welcome flows, abdandoment flows, and much more.

Weekly Newsletters

We'll write your list weekly newsletter updates so that you stay fresh in your customer's minds, increasing customer LTV.


SMS is potent if used correctly. We'll help you slide into your customer's messages the right way.


We implement in cart and after checkout upsells to drive up average order value.

Customer Programs

We nurture the customer relationship and develop specific programs to net you more sales.

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Results & Clients

Apologetic Letters - Men's Fashion

From $0 to $12,750.25 in Revenue.

192+ Sales Generated.

Ecoseptico - Spanish Speaking CPG Brand

Achieved a height of a 26.49 ROAS! From 0.8 Holistic ROAS to a 2.6 Holistic ROAS in only 30 Days.

300+ profitable sales generated.

Confidential Beauty Brand

$58,545.15 generated in only 5 Days, leveraging Holistic FB Ads and Email Sequences.

Ecogram - Women's Sleepwear Brand

Current Client: Previously an amazon-only brand, we are now scaling them using our Full Funnel Techniques.

Here is one of our recent creatives!

Patrick - Pay Ready

"Russell was incredibly responsive and took the time to listen to my business's needs. He got us several leads with his landing page."

Nicole - MoodMe Co

"I’ve worked with Russell over the years on many web design projects. He is very thorough and passionate about his work. His attention to detail and deep background in programming and design shines through as he creates amazing websites from start to finish. I’ve worked with other designers and they can be really sketchy and unresponsive. Russell is dependable and works with integrity. He has a creative way of putting all of the content together with the audience in mind. Choose Russell, and you’ll get your needs completed with ease."  

Nicole Lunan Phd. Organizational Psychology

Jessica - Jesi Creates

"Russell did a great job on creating my website, helping me decide on the best platform for my needs, and even assisted with setting up a new email account.  He provided a work timeline and made great suggestions regarding the aesthetic of my site. He was definitely patient with me as I requested  several edits. He also created an awesome logo for me that I will continue to use from here on out.  If you're looking for flexibility and guidance on your website, you will find it with Russell. I couldn't be more pleased with the final outcome of my website!"

Marcela - RelationPic

"Russell was knowledgeable and helpful. From minute one he answered to every question and there was constant communication. Excellent design work and his marketing plan was real helpful."

Lainey - Parent Paw

"Russell goes above and beyond to help his customers. He cares. He truly gives of his personal time to help you. A smart businessman with a kind and caring heart....that's rare in today's world."

Rose - Spirit Numbers Co

"Russell is 100% a Professional Seller and is true to his word. Grateful to have done business with you Russell, keep up the great work of serving others and cheers to a successful career. :)"