Hello, my name is Russell.

I am an LA-Based Web Designer, Web Developer, and Digital Marketer.

I specialize in eCommerce website and promotional website development.

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Result-Driven Design

Looking to land more clients of your own?

What about generating more sales?


How about a new system to optimize your businesses' tasks?

Then you're going to need a website.

And not just not any website will do.

You'll need a website that produces results. 

From my 4+ years of experience in the eCommerce space, I learned that a fancy website with all the latest features and design trends was pleasing to the eye.

However, that's all that website was -- 

pleasing to the eye. 


A website that is only pleasing to the eye does not guarantee more clients. 

A website that is only pleasing to the eye does not guarantee more sales. 

A website that is only pleasing to the eye does not guarantee success.

What if you bought a brand new iPhone without a battery? Or bought a brand new Mercedes with no engine?

This is equivalent to a website whose main focus is design.


However, a website that is pleasing to the eye and is optimized for generating results is unstoppable. 

This is what you will receive when you work with me -- A result-driven website.



"Russell was incredibly responsive and took the time to listen to my business's needs. He got us several leads with his landing page." 


"Russell did a great job on creating my website, helping me decide on the best platform for my needs, and even assisted with setting up a new email account.  He provided a work timeline and made great suggestions regarding the aesthetic of my site. He was definitely patient with me as I requested  several edits. He also created an awesome logo for me that I will continue to use from here on out.  If you're looking for flexibility and guidance on your website, you will find it with Russell. I couldn't be more pleased with the final outcome of my website!"


I’ve worked with Russell over the years on many web design projects. He is very thorough and passionate about his work. His attention to detail and deep background in programming and design shines through as he creates amazing websites from start to finish. I’ve worked with other designers and they can be really sketchy and unresponsive. Russell is dependable and works with integrity. He has a creative way of putting all of the content together with the audience in mind. Choose Russell, and you’ll get your needs completed with ease. 


Nicole Lunan 

Phd. Organizational Psychology


Designing and Developing Your Website

The Various Stages

Stage 1: A Brief Interview

The first step of the process involves asking questions about both you and your business.


This brief interview is conducted to elicit what value and software your business truly needs. 

This part of the process also gives me insight into your business's situation.


Which helps me with structuring your website for the results you crave.

Image by Maranda Vandergriff

Stage 2: Problem Solution Analysis

The Wall of Ideas

After speaking to you, I analyze your exact situation. 

Based on the notes I took in the first step, I craft a custom solution and website structure that fits your business's needs.

Stage 3: Design & Development

This is where the creation of your website begins.


With the information from the previous stages, I craft a website with copy, content, and SEO-friendly text that is unique to your business's situation.

If you are located in LA, I may also come to your business to shoot custom content for your website at this stage, as well.

Work Desk

Stage 4: Revisions

Image by Sergey Zolkin

After I design and develop your result-driven website, you will get the chance to view the website for yourself and provide, at max, 3 rounds of revision.

Stage 5: Final Product & Launch

Finally, once your new website is up to both of our standards, the website will be ready to launch. 

I will also begin to measure the results and the solutions that your new website brings to your business.

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How a Website Can Help Your Business

The Benefits



You'll be reachable to more than 4.66 billion people



A good website serves as the foundation for healthy business growth and expansion



A good website will instill trust within your clients & customers. You'll be an authority in your space



A website is working for you

24 hours a day 365 days a year



A good website includes backend systems that automate & simplify your day to day tasks



Clients & customers will have an easier time speaking with you, allowing you to establish rapport with them


Image by Dominik Schröder

My Work

A modern home-based eCommerce company. 

My Role:

  • Built the whole website leveraging the Shopify platform

  • Sourced all of the products

  • Wrote the copy for each product and ad

  • Filmed and ran FB/Google Ads

  • Acted as a customer service agent

  • Had a hand in generating over $2,000 in revenue within a week


A California-based clinical trial and research center.

My Role:

  • Built this landing page, leveraging the WordPress platform.

  • Generated over 300+ leads within 3 weeks for Debt Logic, using this landing page plus Facebook ads

Cloud-based software for property owners that allows you to manage and track everything debt-related in one place. 

My Role:

  • Built this landing page, leveraging the Unbounce platform

  • Generated property leads for Debt Logic, using this landing page plus LinkedIn ads


A personal portfolio website for Jessica, offering audio, photography, and collaboration services. 

My Role:

  • Built the whole website from scratch, leveraging the Wix platform

  • Ongoing maintenance plan

  • Played a hand in generating leads for Jessica

A roommate communication

app, featuring a chore chart, current status, and roommate finding chatrooms based on interest.

My Role:

  • Built and wireframed this prototype using the Adobe XD platform

  • Presented this app to some of my peers, as well


Github is where I store all of my personal coding projects like a custom car website (front end and backend), feel free to check out the link, if you're interested!



Web Development

I am proficient in languages like Java and Javascript and can provide you with custom websites, frontend and backend web apps, and responsive development.

Website Design

I design for my clients with the end goal in mind. Namely, your website will provide leads, sales, digital marketing principles, and email marketing principles. And branding, of course! 

Digital Marketing

With personal experience from running an eCommerce company, I picked up the tools of the trade with digital marketing and landing page optimization. I am proficient with Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Email Marketing, and Copywriting.


Frequently asked questions

What platform do you use to build websites?

I am familiar with Shopify, Wordpress, Wix, Squarespace, and I can program custom made websites too.

How long do projects usually take?

Depending on the size of the project, and also if I'm shooting custom content, your website will take approximately 1-2 weeks to finish. I typically have 1-2 openings for new clients each month, but those fill up quickly!

What do you use to communicate?

I use Zoom, email, and my cell to communicate with my clients. If you ever have a question please shoot me an email.

Do you conduct marketing too?

Yes I coduct marketing for an extra fee, inform me if you would like marketing done for your website.

Are your rates hourly?

No, they’re not. Every project is based on the value provided to your business.

What price point do most projects start at?

Please contact my email info@rjneptune.com for a quote! My rates include:

  • Time for research
  • Copy
  • Content
  • SEO-friendly text
  • Software System Solutions

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