Russell Johnson - Founder


Russell's Story

It all began with a laptop and a dream. ​

As many dreams do.​

And I'm sure yours did too.​

Before I fully immersed myself in the agency space, I started (and failed) several eCommerce companies from the age of 18.​

Throughout these failures, I learned that a website was only a tool.

And if used incorrectly, a website was rendered useless. ​

Thus, throughout my eCommerce journey, I learned a lot about copywriting, digital marketing, setting up an optimized landing page, branding, digital ad creation, and consumer psychology.

​I learned how to analyze market responses and adjust accordingly.

​In complement, I had been studying computer science since my senior year in high school and graduated with a B.S. in Computer Science from the University of Minnesota.​

By combining my natural affinity for technology with my gained experience from the eCommerce realm, I started generating leads and profitable revenue for my clients.​

And, thus, RJNEPTUNE CO was born.
Anna Dominique De Guzman

Anna's Story

I loved to draw when I was a child.

And while growing up I was fascinated with traditional arts, paintings and photography.

I love beautiful and aesthetic things.

I started learning the mediums, until I found graphic design when I was in college and started to learn all the new design tools.

I studied and learned from other designers.

I looked up to them and got inspired by them.

My vision is to share my talent and help others to monetize their passion, age doesn't matter when you want to learn new tools and improve your skills.
Bryan Bernabe

Bryan's Story

Bry "The Email Jedi" Bernabe

My job is to find new revenue sources without spending a dime on managing the customer list and turning them into revenue month after month.

Yeah! That's basically "free money" right there.

With advertising costs getting expensive every single day.

This Jedi will make sure to get the most out of every customer on your list.

Did I mention how I love Star Wars?

I have the 'force' within me and makes sure every email
I write can turn into gold (aka sales).

Again, that's 'free money' every time we hit ze mighty 'send'.